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Carlisle and Port Carlisle Railway and Dock Company

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Carlisle and Port Carlisle Railway and Dock Company

This line is closed.

Clickable map of the Carlisle and Port Carlisle Railway and Dock Company

Local area 


A Canal ran from Carlisle to Port Carlisle - the railway was built on top of it. Much of the line runs by the shifting sands of the Solway firth - a still wild and beautiful area when it's sunny; you can see the coast of Scotland just over a mile away.



Canal built, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway opened, Canal Closed, Canal converted into a railway (exchange sidings with N&C Rly at Canal Yard). Railway extended to Silloth Harbour opened, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway opened, Caledonian Railway opened, Silloth line absorbed by North British Railway for opening of Border Union Railway, Solway viaduct opened, Solway viaduct closed, Silloth Railway closed, Canal shed closed, Border Union Railway closed.

Description of route 


This line ran from Carlisle to Port Carlisle.

Canal Yard 
(Newcastle and Carlisle Railway

Port Carlisle Junction 
(Caledonian Railway

Canal Junction 
(Border Union Railway

Canal Shed


Although often described as cramped, this shed's site was large and it's location is now a very large weed-strewn area with occasional bricks and sandstone blocks. The shed (and signalbox) was located in the "V" of the junction of the Silloth line and the Border Union Railway, the Border Union Railway crossing the River Eden on a viaduct shortly after the junction. The shed was located at the top of a steep embankment to the south of the river. 

Slowly the industrial estate sprawl of Carlisle is getting closer to this point - will it eventually cover it?

To gain access follow the Industrial estate access road (closer to the town than the Hospital access road). The road will eventually turn right and start heading for open grass by the river - there is a dirt track (driveable) off to the left which takes one to near the viaduct on the Border Union Railway. At the end there is a dirt car-park used by fishermen.

The shed closed before the Border Union Railway, the locomotives being kept at Kingmoor shed for the last few years.





Port Carlisle 

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