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Denburn Valley Line

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Aberdeen Joint station is now called Aberdeen station. It is the only railway station currently open in Aberdeen. The Denburn Valley Line provides a passenger and goods service operated by ScotRail between Aberdeen and Kittybrewster. The service extends to Keith and Inverness by the former Great North of Scotland Railway and Highland Railway.


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Aberdeen Station

Local area 


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Description of route 


This line runs between Kittybrewster (on the original Great North of Scotland Railway main line from Keith to Aberdeen Waterloo) and Aberdeen Joint station.

Clayhills Yard 


Start point of the Denburn Valley Line, connection to the Aberdeen Railway.



This station was formerly known as Aberdeen Joint. It was opened by Great North of Scotland Railway and Scottish North Eastern Railway to replace Guild Street Station (on the ex-Aberdeen Railway) and Waterloo Station (Great North of Scotland Railway). The original station consisted of three through roads with one platform face and four bay platforms. The station was later expanded to four through platforms and four bay platforms at each end. The North end of the station was drastically cut back in the 1970s and at the North end today there are only the two through platforms still in operation for passengers. 



This station was also used as a ticket platform for Aberdeen Joint station. The railway is single track at this point.

Hutcheon Street 


Portions of the station may be observed in the cutting. The railway is single track at this point. 

Kittybrewster (New) 


Today the branch for Waterloo (goods) leaves the railway at this point. The station is closed. 

This was the original Eastern terminus of the line. It was replaced (as terminus) when the line to Waterloo was opened. When the line to Aberdeen Joint opened the station was reconstructed further to the West on the new line. There were locomotive sheds and goods handling facilities at this site. Latterly a set of Oil sidings existed but these have now been removed. Much of the trackbed surrounding the existing single track is now build on. The railway is single track at this point. The Great North of Scotland Railway runs from this point. 

Ordinance Survey Grid References 


1. NJ.941.057ABERDEEN JOINT (X Miles)
2. NJ.939.063 Schoolhill
3. NJ.933.073 Hutcheon Street
4. NJ.933.080 Kittybrewster

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