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Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway

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Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway

This line is closed.

The railway was also known as the "Desert line" as it ran through largely unpopulated farming districts. (Dave Baggaley).

"Also, more hopefully, the 'Gold Coast Line' for the frieght to the South Coast ports, also the colour of much of the surrounding countryside at harvest time ..." (Mark Annand)

Clickable map of the Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Junction Railway

Local area 


This line runs through the countryside between Didcot and Winchester with the only Newbury as a major source of passenger traffic en route.



Description of route 


From Didcot to Winchester via Newbury. At Didcot the junction faces north and the line runs south to Newbury round some curves. At Newbury the line joins the Great Western Railway route from London to Penzance at a west facing junction. The line then used the Great Western Railway tracks until reaching the west of Newbury station where it branched off south from an east facing junction. The line runs south, passing under the London and South Western Railway to Salisbury at Whitchurch and runs on to cross over the London and South Western Railway line north of Winchester. The line had its own station at Winchester Chesil on a section of line to the east and parallel to the London and South Western Railway line which it joined to the north of Shawford at a south facing junction.

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