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Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway

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Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway 

This railway is closed. A short section remains in place to the north of Dunblane station for use as a reversing spur, often with a track maintenance machine parked in it. The line was double track to Doune from Dunblane having been originally single track. Before closure the line reverted to single track.

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Clickable map of the Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway

Local area


This line runs through farmed countryside to the north of Stirling along a glen.



Description of route


This line ran from Dunblane to Callander. It was single track throughout although it was provided with a loop at Drumvaich after the line was extended west to Killin (Glenoglehead), Tyndrum and finally Oban. The line was double track between Doune and Dunblane.

Callander (Old)


The original terminus station did not become a through station on extension of the line west. Instead was left as a short branch from an east facing junction. It became a goods yard and there was a locomotive shed located here.

Dreadnought Junction


From this east facing junction the Callander and Oban Railway continued west, eventually reaching Oban. The junction was named for a nearby hotel.

Drumvaich crossing


This crossing loop had a combined signalbox and signalman's house which still stands.



This station featured a very large island platform with a stone built building with glazed canopies overhanging the platforms. Entry to the station was by a covered footbridge beside the station cottage which remains intact. The site of the station is now a housing estate. The ivy clinging to the external wall of the station by the footbridge was cut in the shape of a locomotive. The line was double track from here east to Dunblane but was singled in the last days of operation of the line. It is likely the line was single originally and was doubled when the line was extended to Oban.

Dunblane Junction


At this south facing junction immediately north of Dunblane station the line met the Scottish Central Railway. A short siding remains here which is the stub of the former line. Often a track maintenance machine is parked in this siding. At its height two double track railway met here and there were sidings for the Dunblane Gasworks on the east side of the mainline.

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