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Forth Bridge Connecting Lines

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Forth Bridge Connecting Lines
(North British Railway)

This line is open. The lines pass close to Edinburgh Airport at Turnhouse and there have been plans to built a line from near Winchburgh, via the Airport, to Turnhouse. This route would slightly shorten the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway and allow Edinburgh Airport to be more accessible to both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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Local area 


These lines run through an area mostly of countryside. The line from Saughton to Dalmeny runs through the western suburbs of Edinburgh until Turnhouse where Edinburgh Airport is located. There was a Military base at Dalmeny served by a railway chord between the two routes to Dalmeny.



The lines were opened by the North British Railway to coincide with the opening of the Forth Bridge Railway.

Description of route 


From Winchburgh Junction to Dalmeny and from Saughton to Dalmeny.

Dalmeny Junction


Formerly Dalmeny North Junction. Here the Forth Bridge Railway meets the former South Queensferry Branch at a south facing junction and immediately to the south the connection lines Winchburgh for the Forth Bridge meets the former South Queensferry Branch at a north facing junction.

Dalmeny South Junction


At this north facing junction the South Queensferry Branch was joined by the new connection lines built from Saughton for the Forth Bridge.

Queen Elizabeth Yard


This Naval Stores Depot was served by a chord line which ran from a south facing junction with the line to Winchburgh to a south facing junction with the former South Queensferry Branch. The depot is closed and line lifted but the site is now in use as an industrial estate with its original buildings and some trackwork can be found embedded in the service roads.

Winchburgh Junction 
West facing junction to the west of the former Winchburgh station on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

Gogar (by tram depot)
South Gyle

Saughton Junction 
East facing junction at the former Saughton station on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

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