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General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway

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General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway

This line is largely closed. It served the quayside facility at General Terminus on the River Clyde which replaced Windmillcroft Quay which was used by the Polloc and Govan Railway.

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Clickable map of the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway

Local area 


This line is to the south of the River Clyde in Glasgow. Nearby was the Tradeston Gasworks and Dixon's Ironworks.



Description of route 


This line ran from Tradeston to General Terminus and replaced the Windmillcroft Quay branch of the Polloc and Govan Railway. 

General Terminus


This was a quayside set of sidings and cranes. It was latterly used in connection with Ravenscraig Iron Ore importing before opening of Hunterston. The was a connection to the Princes Dock and Princes Dock Joint Railway via quayside lines.

The site of the terminus has been re-developed, part of it now being occupied by car parks and a retail park called "The Quay".

Scotland Street Junction


North facing junction with a short branch off the City of Glasgow Union Railway which came off an east facing junction at Port Eglinton Junction and passed under both the City of Glasgow line and the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.

Terminus Junction


From this junction lines ran northwards to General Terminus, westwards to Maxwell junction (both from an east facing junction), eastwards to West Street Junction and southwards to Muirhouse Central Junction (both from a west facing junction).

Maxwell Junction


Here, an east facing junction, lines ran to make west facing junction at Shields Junction No 1 with the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway and lines ran to make a west facing junction at Bellahouston No 1 Junction with the Paisley Canal Line.

West Street Junction


East facing junction with the Polloc and Govan Railway. The former route to Windmillcroft quay was truncated and a short portion left as a siding by the West Street Goods depot. The route of the former line can still be found in a deep cutting.

Muirhouse Central Junction


Connection to the Glasgow, Barrhead and Neilston Direct Railway at a south facing junction. To the north of the junction were sidings serving the Tradeston Gasworks (junction faced south, sidings on east side of line).

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