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Leith New Lines

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Leith New Lines
(Caledonian Railway)

This line connected Newhaven to the East end of Leith docks. The line carried freight only although passenger stations were built. Although built at great expense it never saw major use.

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Act 4 July 1890
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Opened 1 August 1903
Closed 31 December 1973
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Description of route 


The line connected the Caledonian line at Newhaven to the North British line at South Leith.

Newhaven Junction

Complex junction with lines to Leith North (Goods), Leith North (Passengers) and South Leith

Newhaven (Leith New Lines)

This station was never opened. It was built with two platforms.

Newhaven East Junction

Part of triangle of lines to South Leith. Junction never opened.

Newhaven South Junction

Junction between line from Newhaven Junction and unused line from Newhaven East Junction

Ferry Road
Passenger station which was not opened

Chancelot Mill
To south of line, junction facing west

Rosebank Goods
To south of line, junction facing east

Pilrig Street
Temporary halt for military review

Leith Walk West Goods
To south of line, junction facing west

Leith Walk West
Passenger station which was not opened

Restalrig Goods
To south of line, junction facing east

Seafield Junction
Line to South Leith Goods and line to Seafield (flies over NB) join here. Jnct faces South and towards Newhaven. Junction operated by a ground-frame.

South Leith Goods
Later re-named Leith East

Seafield Shed
Locomotive shed. Rented to NB

Seafield sidings
Connection to the NB line, sidings

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