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Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway

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Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway

This line is closed.

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Clickable map of the Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway.

Local area 


This line runs west through a relatively lowly populated glen. For some miles it runs to the north of Loch Earn. Due to the attractive nature of the area and the complaints of local land owners the line was screened by trees planted during construction.



Description of route 


From Balquhidder Junction to Comrie.



Comrie had a two platform station which was originally a terminus of the Crieff and Comrie Railway line from Crieff

Dalchonzie Siding


This halt had a wooden passenger platform and a signalbox attached to a house. The signalbox and house building still stands. It is also referred to as Dalchonzie Platform or Halt. The station nameboards read 'Dalchonzie Siding'.

St Fillans


This two platform station still stands and the site is now in use as a caravan park. The station building and a typical Caledonian Railway signalbox still stand. Some of the area between the platforms has been filled in but the platform edges remain.



This island platform station still stands intact and has been magnificently and lovingly restored. To the east of the station a magnificent viaduct, built in concrete, crosses the glen to take the line east to Comrie.

Balquhidder Junction


The line joined the Callander and Oban Railway at Balquidder Junction where the station had to be expanded to take the trains terminating from Crieff. There was a locomotive shed here. Little remains of the platforms of the station although the entranceway is still obvious next to the main road. The concrete base of the locomotive shed remains.

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