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Newcastle and Darlington Railway

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Newcastle and Darlington Railway

This line is mothballed. North Tursdale Junction (to the north of Ferryhill) it is mothballed. To the south to and Darlington it is open. It may be re-instated to ease the traffic on the Durham route to Gateshead.

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Clickable map of the Newcastle and Darlington Railway.



This line runs between Pelaw and Washington and Rainton Crossing and Darlington Bank Top. The route incorporated parts of the Bradling Junction Railway (Gateshead to Pelaw) and the Stanhope and Tyne Railway (at Washington), the Durham Junction Railway (between Washington and near Leamside) and the Clarence Railway (at Ferryhill). The portion north of Rainton Crossing was opened by the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway which had absorbed the Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway.

Today the main line though Durham is used in preference to the Ferryhill to Pelaw section, that part being mothballed but may be re-instated to relieve the Durham route.

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