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North Eastern Railway

The North Eastern Railway was formed by an amalgamation of smaller concerns in 1854; the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway, York and North Midland Railway and the Leeds Northern Railway. Its headquarters were located in York.

Act 1854

Its route from Berwick to Newcastle, Darlington, York and Doncaster became part of the East Coast Main Line. To the north this connected to the North British Railway (over which the North Eastern had running powers as far as Edinburgh in exchange for the North British having running powers from their Border Counties Railway junction at Hexham to Newcastle along the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway). To the South the line connected to the Great Northern Railway and the Midland Railway.

Besides this main route the company owned many other lines. There was also one line in Scotland; from Sprouston to Kelso on the Tweedsmouth to Kelso line.

The company was a 18.75% shareholder in the Forth Bridge Railway.

In 1923 the company was grouped into the London and North Eastern Railway.

Consitituents, routes and formation

Stockton andDarlington Railway Inc 1821 Opd 1825 (Absorb NER 1863) Witton Park (by Shildon) to Stockton Quay

Phoenix Pit Inclines
West Auckland
Brusselton Incline
Newton Aycliffe
Jnct for Billingham
Darlington North Road
Jnct for Bank top & ECML
LC with ECML
Fighting Cocks
Tees-side Airport
Yarm Spur (runs to SE)
Allen's West
Eaglescliffe (for Middlesorough)
Bowesfield Jnct
St John's xing
Stockton Wharf (On north bank)

Hull and Selby Railway Inc 1826 Opd 1840 (Purchased NER 1872) Hull (Manor House Street, now part of the Central goods depot)
Hull New Yard
Gilberdyke / Staddlethorpe
(Jnct for Goole)
(Crossed over by Hull and Barnsley)
North Howden
(Jnct for Market Weighton, York)
(Jnct for York)
Clarence Railway Inc 1828 Opd 1833 First rly in UK opened to compete with another rly

As a result of the threat of competition from this line the S&D extended to Middlesborough

Main line - a branch from the S&D at Sim Pasture to new port on north bank (Called Port Clarence to honour the Duke of Clarence who was to become William IV)

Newcastle and Carlisle Railway Inc 1829 Opd 1836 (Merge NER 1862) Already added but add;

Opened to Redheugh, suburb of Gateshead in 1837
Ferry to temp stn outside Newcastle
1839, Tyne bridged and Newcastle reached, Gateshead also reached

Note two lines on either side of the river were necessary as Newcastle and Gateshead were both large towns with no railway connection over the Tyne between them.

Leeds and Selby Railway Act 1830 Opd 1841 Selby
(Jnct for Doncaster)
(Jnct for Cawood)
(Jncts onto ECML)
(Jncts onto ECML, Gasoigne Wood Jnct?)
South Milford
(Jnct for Castleford)
(Jnct for Wetherby)
Cross Gates
(Jnct for Hunslet)
Leeds City
Whitby and Pickering Railway Inc 1833 Opd 1835
(Preserved as North Yorkshire Moors Rly)
Newtondale Halt
(Jnct for Scarborough/Middlesbrough Line)
Stanhope and Tyne Railway No Act Opd 1834 Stanhope via Rowlet to Consett, and running east to Dyne Dock, opened Sept same year (via Washington)
Great North of England Railway Inc 1836 Opd 1841 Intention ; York, Leeds, Newcastle, to continue lines from south
But Only York to Darlington built

Terminus in York shared with York and North Midland Rly
Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway take on powers on to Newcastle (Hudson)
Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway buys GNE, new name York and Newcastle Rly
York, Newcastle & Berwick = York&Newcastle + Newcastle and Berwick (1847)

York and North Midland Railway Inc 1836 Opd 1839 (Whitby and Pickering Railway + Leeds and Selby) As per above
Newcastle & North Shields Rly Act 1836 Opd 1839
Brandling Junction Rly Act 1836 Opd 1839
Malton & Diffield Rly Inc 1845 Opd 1853
Leeds Northern and Thirsk Railway Inc 1845 Opd 1848
York, Newcastle & Berwick Rly Inc 1847 Opd 1847 (Great North of England + New & North Shields + Brandling + Stanhope)
West Harlepool Harbour & Railways Inc 1852 Opd 1854 (Clarence absorb)
Blyth & Tyne Rly Act 1852 Opd 1860 (Vested NER 1874) There was a struggle for control of this line between the North Eastern Railway and the North British Railway as it would have given the NBR an independent route into Newcastle complete with a station.
North Eastern Railway Amalgamation 1854 (York and North Midland + Malton + York, Newcastle + Leeds Northern + West Harlepool) (Part of LNER)
Londonderry Rly Act 1863 (Retospective) Opd 1855 (Purchased NER 1900)
Hull & Barnsley Rly Inc 1880 Opd 1885 (Merge NER 1922)
Cawood Wiston Rly Inc 1896 Opd 1897 (Purchased NER 1900)

Others lines

Newcastle & Berwick Railway dates unknown
Newcastle & Darlington Junction Railway dates unknown Durham Jnct Rly operated between Washington (on Stanhope and Tyne Railway) to Rainhill Meadows, Leamside - bought by N&D Washington towards Tyne dock was orignal at north end.
York and North Midland Railway Near Leeds to York
Bishop Auckland lines 1 mile away from BA via Shildon Tunnel in Apr 1842
Ext to Crook (pssng) Nov 1843
BA - Leamside line, via Durham, Apr 1857
BA - Barnard Castle Aug 1863
BA - Spennymoor Dec 1885
Freight from Shildon to Stockton by Electric 1915-1934
North to Blackhill
North West via Stanhope to Wearhead on the Weardale line
Darlington-BA-Durham used as ECML diversion route
BA - Blackhill cut back to Tow Law (for psngers) (just after Crook) May 1939
Spennymoor closed to psg Dec 1939
BA-Weardale cl psg June 1953
Eastgate Cement works closed Mar 1993 (on Weardale line)
Tow Law cut back to Crook (psg) 1956
BC closed 1962
Durham cl psg May 1964
Durham cl fr 1968
Crook closed June 1965
Tow Law closed June 1965
Spennymoor to ferryhill cl 1966
BA stn demolished
1986 new stn built by Weardale line
Weardale rly has bought BA to Eastgate
Cut offs - 1868-71 Durham to Gatehead "Team Valley Line" & Doncaster to York to connect to the Great Northern Railway

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