A Diverting Quiz

To help distract from the return to work after a well earned rest, here's a small quiz with 15 questions. No prizes, just the pleasure of finding the answers.

We will post the answers later in January. EC 01/01/2018

(Many thanks to BC, MB and KS.)


1. An old joke: which two stations were closest together?

2. Which Network Rail station formally closed in December 2017?

3. Which single track viaduct was replaced in 1900 but stood until 1978 alongside its double track replacement, which was singled in 1970?

4: Which shareholder insisted on the long inland diversion of the Far North line to serve Lairg?

5. The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway opened as a 3-foot gauge line in 1875. When was it converted to its present 15 inch gauge?

6. Which station was a terminus from one direction, then a through station, then a terminus from the other direction?

7. Near which station does a disused railway bridge support a footpath connecting a pub in Wales with its car park in England? (Hint: A disused station.)

8. Which former main line tunnel is about to be converted into a wind tunnel for testing cars?

9. Where was there a two track railway which had a different colour of ballast under each track? (Why?)

10. Where is a former beer storage area now used for shopping?

11. Where did two companies meet at one station - but Four reversals were needed to pass from one branch to the other?

12. Name the branches - where a bridge over a motorway has been removed - and where it will be re-used to connect an electric line to steam?

13. Name a former Midlands goods shed which now carries a charging point for electric cars?

14. Name a Midlands town where a canal was converted to a railway, and is now proposed for conversion back to a canal?

15. Where is a supermarket with the top of a former tramway incline in its basement?


1. Douglas West and Glenbuck, there was only Inches between them.

2. Norton Bridge. It hadn't seen a train for over a decade.

3. The Deveron Viaduct. This and other Aberdeen - Inverness railway nuggets can be found in The Insider Rail Guide - Aberdeen to Elgin & Inverness

4. The Duke of Sutherland.

5. Between 1913 (closure) and 1915 (re-opening). Enjoying the Cumbrian Coast Railway

6. Camerton [See image 39005] (psst: we know this page has two locations mixed)

7. Redbrook [See image 26689]

8. Catesby Tunnel

9. Boat of Garten to Broomhill Junction

10. St Pancras

11. Coleford

12. Ripple for the Sherriff Mill Viaduct

14. Burton Latimer for Isham [See image 55969]

14. Measham [See image 35976]

15. Newquay [See image 61606]

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