Kingshill Colliery No 1

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Kingshill Colliery No 1 (1919-1968)

Served by the Kingshill Collieries Railway.
Served by the Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway.


This coal mine was opened just south east of Allanton by the Coltness Iron Company in 1919, producing coking and other coals. The surface buildings included a washery.

It was connected by a double track cable operated narrow gauge line to Kingshill Colliery No 3 opened in 1951, to the south-south-east.

The colliery was served by a branch from the former Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway which ran west to Morningside [NB] with a branch into the Coltness Iron Works.

The branch started not far east of Castlehill Branch Junction at Davies Dyke to run north with reverse curves to the coal bunkers and beyond to a set of holding sidings (replacing a more southerly group which were removed when the narrow gauge line to Kingshill Colliery No 3 opened.

After 1960, this was the only source of traffic on the former Wilsontown line.

The colliery closed in 1968, the washery and No 3 continuing until 1974 when the railway closed to the washery. Complete closure for both was 1975.

The site has since been landscaped, the southern part of the railway branch is still traceable.

Kingshill Colliery No 2 was further to the south east closer to Wilsontown.


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  /  /1952Kingshill Colliery No 3
Opened by the National Coal Board. Connected by double track cable haulage railway to new preparation plant at Kingshill Colliery No 1. The new preparation plant also replaces the Royal George Washery at the Coltness Iron Works and is used for coal from Branchal Mine and Overtown Mine.
15/07/1974Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway
Morningside to Castlehill Branch Junction (Kingshill Colliery No 1 and Kingshill Colliery No 3) closed to freight.


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