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Lancaster Castle (1846-1969)
Lancaster (1969-)

Station code: LAN National Rail
Where: North West England, England
Opened on the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway.
Opened on the Glasson Dock Branch (London and North Western Railway).


This is a five platform station.

Platforms 1 and 2 are bay at the north end on the west side of the line, platforms 3 and 4 are the main through platforms (with four tracks between them) and platform 5 is the other side of the island formed with platform 4. All platforms are electrified.

Originally also known as Lancaster New Bailey. The station replaced Lancaster [1st] (now known as Lancaster Greaves).


The castle, Lancaster Castle [Castle], is to the north east.




  /  /    Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Takes over the Lancaster Canal, and thus the Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway. Services to the south from Lancaster Penny Lane diverted to Lancaster Castle.


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