Maryhill Central Junction

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Maryhill Junction (1896-1952)
Maryhill Central Junction (1952-1964)

Opened on the Glasgow Central Railway.
Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.


This junction was west of Maryhill Central station. The station was on the east side of Garrioch Road and junction on the west side.

This was the eastern apex of a triangular junction formed with Kirklee Junction to the south and Bellshaugh Junction to the west. It was also where the lines entering Maryhill Central divided into passenger lines (north) and goods yard (south). Carriage sidings on the north side of the station and the goods yard had headshunts on either side of the junction west of the bridge. The junction was a double track junction. Both the line west and the line south crossed the River Kelvin immediately beyond the junction.

The signal box, opened in 1895 (for the opening to [[Kelvindale Paperworks), was on the south side of the junction and west of the bridge.

The line south became a goods only, only going as far as Kelvin Bridge, in 1960. It closed in 1964. Also in 1964 Maryhill Central closed to passengers and the signal box was reduced to a ground frame. The line closed in 1966.

The site of the junction remains, very overgrown. Space was left under the car park and Maryhill Shopping Centre, to the east on the Maryhill Central station site, for possible railway re-opening.




Kelvinside North Junction


  /  /1891Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Bellshaugh Junction (Glasgow Central Railway) to Maryhill Junction (Glasgow Central Railway) authorised, (which would complete a freight route in the north of Glasgow).
01/08/1895Glasgow Central Railway
Opened to goods from Maryhill Junction to Bellshaugh Junction (using the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway) and from Bellshaugh Junction to Kelvindale Paperworks.
01/05/1896Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Maryhill Junction to Bellshaugh Junction to Clydebank Riverside, Partick West Junction to Stobcross and Bellshaugh Junction to Kirklee Junction opened for goods. Kelvinside, Partick Central, Scotstoun Goods, Whiteinch [CR], Yoker [CR] opened to goods. Branch into the Clyde Bank Iron Shipyard [2nd] opened.
06/07/1964Glasgow Central Railway
Maryhill Central Junction (excluded) to Kelvin Bridge closed to freight


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