Aerial photographs

Ewan Crawford

The following is a series of aerial photographs of railways and surrounding land.

Longtown: Aerial view east towards MoD Longtown, with BAD Smalmstown top left. The WCML runs across the picture, with the remains of the triangular junction bottom left, as well as the trackbed of the old military line to Eastriggs. Longtown itself, once served by the Waverley Route, stands top centre. Ewan Crawford //

Solway Viaduct: Aerial view of the Solway Firth. The former route of the Solway Firth Viaduct can be seen running from middle left to bottom right. The approaching lines can be seen and the route of the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway can also be seen. Ewan Crawford //

Mossend Marshalling Yard: Aerial view of Mossend Marshalling Yard. Ewan Crawford //

Motherwell MPD: Aerial view of Motherwell MPD. Ewan Crawford //

Kingmoor Sorting Sidings: Aerial view looking east at Carlisle New Yard. Ewan Crawford //

Solway Viaduct: Aerial view of the Solway Viaduct. Ewan Crawford //

Rutherglen: Aerial view of Rutherglen looking east. Ewan Crawford //

Glasgow Central: Aerial view of Glasgow Central (centre), the Kingston Bridge (bottom) and to a lesser extent Queen Street (top left). Ewan Crawford //

Ravenscraig Steel Works: Aerial view of the Ravenscraig Steelworks site. View looks east. Ewan Crawford //

Shieldmuir: Aerial view of Shieldmuir. The industrial estate and post office depot (centre) occupy part of the site of the former steelworks. Ewan Crawford //

Stranraer: Aerial view of Stranraer Harbour with the closed Stranraer Town at top centre. Ewan Crawford 20/02/2005

Cathcart: Cathcart station from the air (bottom right), aerial view of Hampden (left) and Kings Park (top centre). Ewan Crawford //

Polmadie Depot: Aerial view of Polmadie Depot looking east. Ewan Crawford //

Paisley St James: Aerial view of Paisley St James, (former) Walkinshaw Junction the former goods yards and line running to Wallneuk Junction. Ewan Crawford //

Lugton: Aerial view of Lugton. Left Lugton (GBKJR) and right Lugton East (L&AR). Ewan Crawford //

Dalzell Steel Works: Aerial view Dalzell Steelworks looking south-east. The works is served by a short branch. Ewan Crawford //

Dundyvan: Aerial view of Whifflet (left) to Coatbridge Central (right) with the line to Rutherglen leaving from a triangular junction. Also visible is the site of Whifflet Upper. Ewan Crawford //

Whifflet: Aerial view of Whifflet (top right) to Carnbroe (left). The route of the W&CR is clear but also here was the M&KR running from bottom centre to the works (centre) and then to Whifflet (top right). Note the sidings still in the works. Ewan Crawford //

Gartshore: Aerial view of Gartshore looking west. Bairds private railway left from here. Ewan Crawford //

Milnwood Junction: Aerial view of the junctions to the south of Mossend Yard looking west. Note the Freightliner on the north to east curve. Ewan Crawford //

Canal Junction [Elderslie]: Aerial view of Elderslie area. Bottom right; Elderslie. Centre left to bottom right; GPK&AR. Top left to bottom right; Paisley Canal line. Centre left to top right; Paisley and Barrhead District line. Ewan Crawford //

Garriongill Junction: Aerial view of Garriongill Junction. Bottom left to top centre (Stirling Road); W&CR. Low left to centre right (Law Junction); Wishaw Deviation. Centre to centre right; Caledonian Railway. Ewan Crawford //

Singer Workers Platforms: Aerial view of the former Singer Workers Platforms (centre, now the Clydebank Shopping Centre). Note trains passing to right. Ewan Crawford //

Cairnryan: Aerial view over Cairnryan looking south showing the former Military Port. Its associated railway ran along the coastline from Leffnol (top) to Cairn Point (bottom). The triangular shape of the modern day ferry terminal can also be seen just left of centre extending out into the Loch. Ewan Crawford //

Gushetfaulds Freightliner Terminal: Aerial view of the former South Side station (centre) later the Gushetfaulds container depot. Eglinton Street station was bottom left, Gorbals Junction top left and Larkfield Junction is bottom right. Clearly a Rutherglen to Gorbals spur could be put in. [Since taken developments have blocked this possible curve.] Ewan Crawford //

Shields Road [CGU]: Aerial view of Glasgow's South Side looking east. Smithy Lye (bottom centre), Eglinton Street (centre), Gushetfaulds (top right), Central approach (centre left) and St Enoch approach (top left). Ewan Crawford //

Gartcosh: Aerial view of the former Gartcosh Steelworks. Gartcosh Junction centre and future site of station bottom left. Ewan Crawford //

Motherwell MPD: Slightly poor aerial view of Motherwell MPD. The original route of the line to Motherwell is from top left to centre right. Ewan Crawford //

Twyford: Aerial view of Twyford looking south west. The branch runs to Henley-on-Thames. Ewan Crawford //

Sunnymeads: Aerial view of Sunnymeads on the L&SWR Windsor and Eton line. Ewan Crawford //

Mossend Marshalling Yard: Aerial view of Mossend Yard. Looking east. Ewan Crawford //

Nethan Viaduct: Aerial view of the Nethan Viaduct and Southfield Junction. Viaduct bottom right and junction and Tillietudlem station top left. Ewan Crawford //

Yoker Depot: Aerial view of Yoker depot. The view looks east. Ewan Crawford //

Stonehouse [Lanarkshire]: Aerial view of Stonehouse northeast. The triangular junction for the Mid Lanark Lines is clearly visible. The station was near the trees 1/3 down from the top left. Ewan Crawford //

Uddingston: Aerial view of Uddingston looking east showing the viaduct (and former viaduct), station and junction. Ewan Crawford //1988

Waunlwyd Yard: A July 1992 aerial view during the Garden Festival of Wales showing the then freight only line at Ebbw Vale. The line was reopened to passenger traffic in 2008. The railway currently terminates just off the top of the picture at Ebbw Vale Parkway. An extension of the line to a new Ebbw Vale Town station is under construction (March 2015). Colin McDonald /07/1992

Smyllum Junctions: Aerial view over the triangle formed by Smyllum East, West and South junctions on the outskirts of Lanark, in 1999. The view is south, with Lanark Loch on the left and part of the town itself to the right. Ewan Crawford //1999

Carstairs: Aerial view of Carstairs. The route to Glasgow is to the left, to London to the bottom right, to Edinburgh to the top right and to Dolphinton to the centre right. Also visible is the so-called 'Queens Curve' (actually the original Edinburgh route, replaced when the Dolphinton Branch opened) from the line at the top right to the line at the bottom right. The station is centre left. Ewan Crawford 29/07/2001

Motherwell: Aerial view of Motherwell. Top left is Haughhead Junction, bottom left is Dalzell and right is Lesmahagow/Motherwell Junction. The original route of the Wishaw and Coltness Railway is mostly built over now with little trace on the ground. Ewan Crawford 01/07/2004

Chatelherault: Aerial view of Ferniegair, Haughhead Junction, Ross Junction and Ross Yard. View looks west. The new works for the new Larkhall Branch can be seen. Ewan Crawford 1/7/2004

Merryton Junction: Aerial view of Merryton Junction. The view looks west. At the bottom left the original (lower) and Mid Lanark Lines (slightly higher) routes can be seen diverging. Ewan Crawford 1/7/2004

Connel Ferry Bridge: Aerial view of the Connel bridge on 5 October 2008. The bridge was built by Arrols Bridge & Roof Co see image [[18249]] to carry the Ballachulish branch of the Callander & Oban Railway over Loch Etive and opened on 20 August 1903. A roadway was added alongside the line in 1914. The Ballachulish branch closed in 1966 and today the bridge carries single file road traffic controlled by traffic lights. Brian Smith 05/10/2008

Expo Depot: An aerial view looking north west over the depot by Singapore Expo (which is off to the right, mostly out of sight). Ewan Crawford 07/03/2009

Dubai Airport: Dubai Metro is under construction with a projected opening date of 09/2009 for the Red Line. This aerial view looks SW over the depot at Dubai Airport. Ewan Crawford 07/03/2009

Cwmparc: It's not every day you get an aerial view of a complete branch line. Cwmparc colliery buildings were just to the left of the large building at left side vertical centre; while the junction with the main line was in Treorchy, to the right. Treherbert nestles at the head of the valley, below the strip of trees running uphill; while Pontypridd is out of shot to the right. Picture taken from a lay-by alongside the A4061 in May 2010. Spot the sheepish looking sheep! Ken Strachan 31/05/2010

Drumgelloch: An aerial view along the newly laid A-B. Bottom left was the old Drumgelloch station, moving towards the centre is the new station and the line can be followed east through Plains and out towards Caldercruix. Ewan Crawford 07/09/2010

St Blazey: Aerial view of St Blazey with the depot and sidings at top left. The line to Newquay runs to the bottom right. The line replaced an earlier canal which can still be traced. Ewan Crawford 27/10/2010

Saint Germans: A 125 heads west about half way between Saint Germans and Menheniot. West is to the right in this aerial view. Ewan Crawford 27/10/2010

Sandplace: An aerial view from above Sandplace looking south towards Looe in October 2010. The line (east/left bank) follows the course of the Liskeard and Looe Union Canal. Ewan Crawford 27/10/2010

Scotstoun West: An aerial view with BAE's Scotstoun Yard to the right. To left of the yard was Scotstoun West station and above that the junction with the Rothesay Dock Branch. July 2011. Ewan Crawford 20/07/2011

Wemyss Bay: An aerial view of Wemyss Bay station on 29 August 2011, with M.V. Bute at the pier. Ewan Crawford 29/08/2011

Helensburgh Central: An aerial view west over Helensburgh Central station in the summer of 2011. The area to the right of the station once contained the carriage sidings, goods yard and engine shed see image [[22362]]. There was a siding to the left for the gasworks. Ewan Crawford 29/08/2011

Gourock: Alterations to Gourock station seen in an aerial view on 29 August 2011. The trainshed canopy has been cut back to the circulating area and the remaining section re-glazed. A new station building has been built by the trainshed. Ewan Crawford 29/08/2011

Liddel Viaduct: An aerial view of Riddings Viaduct on the former Langholm branch (closed 1967), taken during the evening of 12 April 2015 from a drone. See image [[42976]] Kevin McCartney 12/04/2015

Lamington Viaduct: Aerial view of Lamington Viaduct looking east over the works to repair damage caused during Storm Frank. Network Rail have announced that works will continue throughout February. Network Rail news item. Network Rail 18/01/2016

Vancouver Waterfront: An aerial view of the freight yard adjacent to Vancouver’s Waterfont Station and container terminal shows a train of containers being marshalled. When the operation is complete the sidings will be empty and the locomotives at the head of the train will be some two miles distant ready to start their eastward journey. Also visible in the sidings are four rakes of coaching stock for the evening’s West Coast Express trains to Mission Malcolm Chattwood 04/10/2016