Today's banner by David Bosher: 158702, with 158708, arriving at Elgin station with an evening service from Huntly to Inverness, on 14th June 2019.

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1851  Morayshire Railway
First Sod cut.
1902  PS Dandie Dinmont [I]
Dragged from mudflats. Subsequently broken up in the Netherlands, at Slikkerveer near Rotterdam.
1966  Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company
Newport Mill Street goods depot closed and connection to Dock Street also closed.
1977  Vale of Glamorgan Railway
Bridgend and Coity goods depot closed.
1994  Cross Harbour Link
Opens to link Yorkgate, temporary terminus of the former Belfast and Ballymena Railway, to the new Lagan Junction on the Belfast Central Railway. The line is largely on viaducts and is single track with a passing loop at Donegall Quay [Belfast] , site of a planned station. Londonderry trains cease running via Crumlin and return to the route via Whiteabbey. The viaduct, 4,675ft, is named for William Dargan.


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Royal Scot 46160 <I>Queen Victoria^s Rifleman</I> standing alongside Kingmoor shed in November 1964 with the Warwickshire Railway Society^s <I>Carlisle Tour</I>, which had originated from Birmingham New Street.

Royal Scot 46160 Queen Victoria^s Rifleman standing alongside Kingmoor shed in November 1964 with the Warwickshire Railway Society^s Carlisle Tour, which had originated from Birmingham New Street.

John Robin (1964)


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This rather dapper photographer is a possible candidate for 'Snapper' in a view looking over the east end of Waverley. Does anyone know who this photographer is?
[Added 15 October 2020.]

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On display

Within the station the former station bell (see also Pitlochry) and Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway plaques from the Boat o' Brig Viaduct are on display in the concourse.


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December 2020ScotRail timetable reduction.
November 2020ScotRail alcohol ban introduced.
October 2020Kerr^s Miniature Railway closed.
Kintore station opens.
September 2020LNER cease using Class 91s on Anglo-Scottish journeys.
August 2020Three dead when train derailed hitting landslip near Stonehaven. Union Canal burst its banks, flooding the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway near Polmont. Trial run of timber trains on the Far North line.



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