Irish Railway Station Dates

Bob Ayres

Fintown: Railcar No 18, owned by the North West of Ireland Railway Society. One of the remaining six original County Donegal railcars. An Mhuc Dhubh Historic Railway Ben Torsney //2006

In the last two decades there have been several attempts to provide a comprehensive listing of all traceable public and private stations, halts, ticket platforms and other stopping places in Ireland, both North and South. Despite much research over several years utilizing the resources of The Bodlian Library , Oxford, England, and those of Trinity College Library , Dublin, Ireland, there still remains an amount of work requiring completion. This principally consists of checking for the existence of, and where applicable, dates of use for obscure platforms, halts and crossing stops. In addition, the dates on which a few public stations were in use, particularly for freight traffic, are also lacking. Although this information has yet to be located, the editor feels that there is sufficient content to warrant a publication of some sort.


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Irish Railway Station Dates

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