Re-modelling of Barassie Junction

Robert Blane

Barassie Junction: Ex-Caledonian 3F 0-6-0 57614 approaching Barassie on the line from Lochgreen Junction on 7 July 1954 with a freight for Kilbarchan. G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 07/07/1954

Barassie Junction was redesigned in 1982. These photographs illustrate the changes made.

Barassie Junction: Barassie Junction and Signalbox looking southwest from the road bridge approach, 23 August, 1982. At the time, preparations were underway behind the 'box for the deviation of the line to ease the curve onto the line to Troon station, this connected up after the Troon avoiding line formally closed on Saturday, 27 November, 1982. The old Kilmarnock & Troon Railway alignment that formerly ran round to the harbour from Barassie Junction had been cut back to become dead-end sidings, circa 1973, when the harbour sidings were lifted, these sidings still in use in August, 1982 and visible behind the Signalbox, with what appeared to be a rail-mounted crane standing in the headshunt. There had been three more dead-end sidings on the west side of the Signalbox (on the original alignment of the K&TR), but these had been lifted after Barassie Works closed in (I believe) 1972. Robert Blane 23/08/1982

Barassie: Looking northeast from the road bridge over Barassie Junction, Monday, 29 November, 1982, with the weekend's work by the PW and signalling engineers plain to see (well it would be if the photo was of better quality). Track-wise, the Kilmarnock line had been reduced to a single line; until that weekend, double track had extended round the curve onto the straight towards Drybridge before converged into single line to Kilmarnock, whilst a new crossover had been formed from the slewed 'up' (southbound) main line onto the old alignment of the same line, both 'Up' and 'Down' main lines slewed west starting from the platform ends approximately. The semaphore signals were in the process of being felled, their arms already removed, their replacements in the form of colour lights just about visible beyond the footbridges; that over the Kilmarnock lines was removed along with the signals, whilst the other section over the line to Irvine survived until electrification saw it replaced, circa 1985. The temporary Signalbox, officially opened that day, is the brick-built structure on the east side of the line between the footbridge and the remains of the Kilmarnock line bracket signal. Robert Blane 29/10/1982

Barassie Junction: Looking south from the road overbridge at Barassie Junction, Monday, 29 November, 1982, the line straight ahead is the Troon avoiding line, closed Saturday, 27 November to allow the alterations to the junction to be completed. The new double track deviation, joggled behind the Signalbox (itself officially closed the day before and already being demolished), had opened that morning and would be slewed across onto its final and faired up alignment, next weekend I think it was, after demolition of the 'box was completed. The southbound line onto the Troon loop was retained as a loop off the main line, the former junction points becoming the access to Barassie run-round loop and yard. Note also that the connection of the deviation to the Troon loop at its south end took out the connection to the sidings on the old K&TR alignment, these lifted soon afterwards as part of the general tidying up process around the junction. Robert Blane 29/11/1982

Barassie Junction: 27021 & 20152 double-heading an Ayr-bound freight off the Kilmarnock line at Barassie Junction, 29 November, 1982, its only option for onward travel being the former southbound line onto the Troon loop, seen curving away to the right behind the Signalbox. The 'box had officially closed on the day before and the Troon avoiding line closed on Saturday, 27 November, the junction modified over that weekend and re-opened (deviation behind the 'box and the original 'up' line, which became the loop) that morning, all other track out of use. The Signalbox was already being demolished, one intrepid workman up on the roof stripping slates off as the train passed. Robert Blane 29/11/1982

Barassie Junction: Barassie Junction old and new looking SSW, Monday, 29 November, 1982, the rear end of the freight hauled by 27021 & 20152 swinging round onto Troon loop towards Troon station on the original alignment, the Troon avoiding line closed Saturday, 27 November to allow the junction to be altered (signalboxes at Barassie Junction and Lochgreen Junction, at the south end of the avoiding line, officially closed, Sunday, 28 November). The new deviation, temporarily laid behind Barassie Junction Signalbox, opened that morning, hence the shine on the rails already, the track realigned onto a fair curve after the Signalbox had been removed (not particularly clear in what is a rather poor photo are the workmen up on the 'box roof - it didn't last too much longer and was gone before the end of the week). Robert Blane 29/11/1982

Barassie Junction: Unidentified Class 47 diesel photographed heading north with a freight train on the newly opened (that morning) junction deviation at Barassie, Monday, 29 November, 1982, the redundant Signalbox (officially closed the day before) already being demolished and its funeral pyre emitting plenty of smoke. The old 'Down' (to Irvine) line behind the Signalbox was later lifted but the 'Up' line was retained, the Kilmarnock line running into this line (with facing connection off the re-aligned main line at the south end of Barassie station platforms), the route south onto the Troon avoiding line became the run-round loop in Barassie Yard, and the old alignment onto the Troon Loop and Troon station became the 'up' loop. Robert Blane 29/11/1982