Kerr^s Miniature Railway


23/06/1935Kerr's Miniature Railway
Line established at the West Links, Arbroath, by Matthew Kerr (Senior).
  /  /1977Kerr's Miniature Railway
On retirement of Matthew Kerr (Senior), Matthew Kerr (Junior) takes over.
  /04/2006Kerr's Miniature Railway
Future of the line was in doubt following the death of Matthew Kerr (Junior). However operation was taken over by his wife Jill and son John.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This is the terminus of the miniature railway which runs in West Links Park, in the west of Arbroath.

More details
Scene on Kerr^s Miniature Railway in the 1960s. ...
Aitken Scott //
^Ivor^ and Kerr^s Miniature Railway train in 1997. It remains to be seen what wil happen to the stock and equipment since the line closed in October ...
Bill Roberton //1997
On shed at Kerr^s Miniature railway in 1997. After many years of service the line unfortunately finally closed after services on Sunday 11th October ...
Bill Roberton 11/10/2020
Kerr^s Miniature Railway seen on 03/04/1961. This line is to the south of the main line railway just west of Arbroath station. ...
David Murray-Smith 03/04/1961
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