The photographer got rather over-excited when he heard the roar of a Class 218 diesel hydraulic at Sigmaringen on 11th June. The 218s were the backbone of DB's main-line diesel locomotive traction from the 1970s up to the reunification of Germany, but conversion of services to DMU operation and electrification have severely depleted their passenger operations. A pocket of 218-hauled services survives in this part of Germany, centred on Ulm. The service being hauled here is a Sundays Stuttgart-Aulendorf IRE train, with a van for bikes.

Location: Sigmaringen

Company: Koeniglich-Wuerttembergische Staats-Eisenbahnen

Photographer: David Spaven

Contact photographer: David Spaven

Contact editor

Date: 11/06/2017

Image number: 60135

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