Castlecary Curve

Looking west at the embankment and possible bridge pier on a projected spur from the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway to the Caledonian Railway near Castlecary. Jim Summers of the Caledonian Railway Association writes 'The earthworks for this link from E&G to the Caledonian were clearly visible from the train in the 1980s, but have become progressively obscured. Tracks were never laid. BR thought about it cursorily in the 1980s, but no value could be seen.

Jim McEwan wrote about this link in 'The True Line' No.10 August 1985. He said:

'The abandoned link between the CR and the E&G at Castlecary was an E&G promotion done at the time when it appeared possible for the CR and E&G to come to agree to joint purse working. The abandoned line was to enable E&G trains to use Buchanan Street station, and when negotiations for the joint purse fell through, the CR interdicted the E&G against completing the spur.'

With thanks to the Jim Summers and the CRA for permission to use the above.

Location: Castlecary Curve

Company: Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway

Photographer: Bill Roberton

Contact photographer: Bill Roberton

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Date: 27/10/2017

Image number: 61729