In December 2018, ScotRail launched its Inter7City services based around HST stock released from the Western Region. The coaching stock was supposed to be refurbished to modern standards before its introduction, but in the event, most of it had to be deployed in its original form with manually operated slam doors and direct to track toilets. Marketed as 'Classic' HST, but quickly mocked as “Jurassic”, the station dwell times turned out to be very long. Passengers used to more modern trains struggled to open the doors from the inside and conductors had to walk the length of the train shutting the doors and raising their droplight windows. This photo shows a 'Classic' set with livery proclaiming a 'New Era' for 7 Scottish cities on a crew training run from Glasgow to Perth at Dunblane on 27th August 2018, shortly before the electrification team reached this point.

Location: Dunblane

Company: Scottish Central Railway

Photographer: Mark Dufton

Contact photographer: Mark Dufton

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Date: 27/08/2018

Image number: 70367

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