5 Images released on Monday 19/03/2018

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Newington [NBR]: Looking west over the disused platform at Newington in the early 1970s. The platform was removed to allow realignment of the outer circle line on the left.

Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway
Bill Roberton [//]

Didcot Parkway: Great Western line photographers are having to get used to working around electrification masts and gantries now. 70011 & 66570 are seen on an eastbound Freightliner from Leeds bound for Southampton. 8th March 2018.

Great Western Railway
Peter Todd [08/03/2018]

Corkickle Brake: Over the top! This is the view from the upper level of the Corkickle Brake, the last rope worked standard gauge incline in the UK, which only closed in 1986. Originally built for colliery traffic it lay disused from the 1920s but was refurbished in 1955 to service the Marchon chemical works. The Whitehaven to St Bees railway still runs below along the line in front of the houses. The slightly clear area to the right of the picture was the BR exchange sidings. More information on this fascinating railway can be found on the excellent Cumbria Railways Site

Whitehaven Colliery Company
Mark Bartlett [08/03/2018]

Narbonne: Passengers on the RENFE Alta Velocidad EspaƱol (AVE) from Marseilles to Madrid were probably surprised to see a dusting of snow on the platform as they arrived at Narbonne on 28th February 2018.

Malcolm Chattwood [07/03/2018]

Atherstone: Sadly, there is just one passenger awaiting the 11.00 to Crewe on 1st February 2018. I had arrived just in time to catch a freight off the Nuneaton North Chord, but a Pendolino got in the way - this photograph was my consolation prize.

Trent Valley Railway (London and North Western Railway)
Ken Strachan [01/02/2018]