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Catton Road (1869-1898)
Allendale (1898-1930)

Opened on the Hexham and Allendale Railway.


This was the terminus of the line from Border Counties Junction near Hexham. The station was not intended to be the terminus, being over a mile north west of Allendale Town itself. It was intended to run further south to Allenheads. Defeat was admitted in 1898 when the station was renamed Allendale.

The terminus was opened in a field to the north of the Allen Smelting Mill, a lead works, which was served by a mineral line.

The station had a single platform, on the north side of a loop, with the line terminating at a turntable. To the north was a goods yard and to the south the line to the smelter. The station building was stone built and of two storeys with a glazed canopy.

The lead works closed in 1896. The line closed to passengers in 1930 and completely in 1950.

The station building still stands. The site is now a caravan park with a flat in the former station building offering accommodation. Allendale Holidays

Further south at Allenheads there were more lead smelters.


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