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Bilton (1851-1892)
Alnmouth (1892-)

Station code: ALM National Rail
Where: North East England, England
Opened on the Newcastle and Berwick Railway.
Opened on the Alnwick Branch (York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway).


This is a two platform station with the main station building, a modest modern structure, on the southbound platforms. There are car parks on either side of the line. There is a signal box at the north end of the southbound platform and sidings and a coal yard at the south end, east side of the line. The station is on the electrified East Coast Main Line.

It was a generously laid out junction station. At the north end the double track main line was met by a double track branch to Alnwick. The York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway branch opened in 1850 as a single track and the junction station opened in 1851, initially as 'Bilton' (or 'Bilton Junction') which is a village just to the west. Alnmouth is a mile east and over the River Aln (although housing stretches to the station). The station replaced Lesbury to the north, just over the Aln Viaduct.

The station had two platform on the main line, the northbound platform being an island with the western face serving the branch (and a loop from the main line). The island platform had a large canopy, indeed both platforms were canopied. The main building was on the southbound line. To the west of there were several looped sidings and a two road locomotive shed. The turntable was in the 'V' of the junction to the north. The point of junction between the lines was south of the station, although the platform line was looped from the main line.

Although much of the branch platform area is given over to a car park it is the planned destination of the Aln Valley Railway .

To the south of the station there are loops on either side of the line.



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