Broomhill Viaduct

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Broomhill Viaduct (1904-1968)

Opened on the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway).


Also known as Larkhall Viaduct, Avon Viaduct, Millheugh, or Morgan Glen Viaduct. This disused viaduct is south of Larkhall station.

This was the highest viaduct in Scotland, standing 170 ft high (or 174 ft, sources vary). It is 530 ft long with six steel truss spans on stone piers. It still stands, out of use.

The viaduct was built to allow possible doubling, but carried a single track. Approaching earthworks were also built to accommodate a second track.

To the south were two aborted branches; one to Plotcock (to the west) and another to Kittymuir (to the east). Earthworks for the former were completed and for the latter only close to the junction. Neither was brought into use (possibly because planned mining developments were not proceeded with).

It closed to passengers in 1965 and to freight, coal traffic from Auchlochan No 6 Colliery, in 1968, closing completely.




Larkhall Viaduct Avon Viaduct [Larkhall] Morgan Glen Viaduct

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