Calder Iron Works Signal Box [NBR]

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Calder Iron Works Signal Box [NBR] (-1911)

Opened on the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway.

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The original route of the railway passed right through the Calder Iron Works. The deviated line was north of the Calder Iron Works. This signal box was at the point where the deviation (over the Dixon Cut of the Monkland Canal) rejoined the original route at the east end of the deviation. The box was at the east end of double track and on the north side of line. The west end of the deviation was close to Whifflet Central Junction. The original alignment became a yard for the iron works.

There was a level crossing with the Calder Iron Works lines - just east of box. Briton Pit, on the Calder Iron Works lines, was just to the north.

The connection between the original and deviated routes at the east end by box was later taken out. The box burned down in 1911. The works closed in 1921.

Little remains here today following subsequent developments and landscaping.


Junction signal box