Dentonholme North Junction

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Names and dates

Carlisle Goods Yard Signal Box (1877-1883)
Dentonholme North Junction (1883-1973)

Opened on the Carlisle Goods Loop (Carlisle Goods Traffic Committee).
Opened on the Dentonholme Goods (Dentonholme Joint Committee).


In 1877 the existing northern approach to Carlisle station was rebuilt in anticipation of the opening of the Carlisle Goods Loop (Carlisle Goods Traffic Committee). Works were considerable.

The West Walls Shed, close to the Deanery, closed. A new shed opened at Carlisle Kingmoor Shed (also known as Etterby), to the north. (This was a long planned move of the noisy and dirty shed which finally came to fruition much to the relief of the Dean.)

West Walls Goods, to the west of the shed, also closed.

The main line was now slewed to the east on a more direct course to the station. The former route had followed the east bank of the River Caldew.

A new goods yard, Viaduct Goods (named for the nearby 1877 Victoria Viaduct road bridge) was laid out on the west side of the main line, on land previously occupied by the former goods yard and former main line. A signal box, Carlisle Goods Yard, was provided. (To the north the approach lines to the goods yard left the joint goods line at Caldew Junction.)

To the west of the new goods yard the Carlisle Goods Loop (Carlisle Goods Traffic Committee) was laid out on the east bank of the River Caldew.

Land on the east side of the former locomotive shed was given up to allow common ground, the Town Dyke Orchard, expand.

In 1883 the Dentonholme Goods (Dentonholme Joint Committee) opened. This new line's northern end met the Carlisle Goods Loop (Carlisle Goods Traffic Committee) at Dentonholme North Junction. Both lines were double track. For this a new box replaced Carlisle Goods Yard, called Dentonholme North Junction. This box signalled both the junction and the north end of Viaduct Goods.

Viaduct Goods closed in 1965.

The Dentonholme loop closed in 1973. With this Dentonholme North Junction box also closed. (Carlisle was being resignalled at the time with the electrification of the [[West Coast Main Line.)

Finally in 1986 the Carlisle goods loop closed following a serious derailment which damaged a bridge over the River Caldew.


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