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Dornock (1854-1865)
Eastriggs (1923-1965)

Opened on the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway.


This was a two platform station. The main station building was on the westbound platform.

There was a goods yard on the south side of the line, approached from the west. The signal box was at the west end of the station, south side of the line.

In the Great War one of the great armaments factories built as a result of the Shell Crisis of 1915 was built to the south, part of the HM Factory Gretna. The west end of the HM Factory Gretna Railway connected to the railway just west of the station (around but probably before 1918). For this the box at the station was replaced by a new Dornock No 2 signal box and a new Dornock No 1 signal box opened at the junction to the west.

The station was renamed Eastriggs in 1923, perhaps to avoid confusion with Dornoch which was also on the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. Certainly it was a more appropriate name for the station serving Eastriggs MOD. The signal boxes were also renamed from Dornock to Eastriggs.

The No 1 (ie junction) box closed in 1928 and no 2 was renamed simply Eastriggs.

The junction was rebuilt in 1942 and remaining box moved closer to the junction.

The station closed in 1965. The box closed in 1973 and was replaced with a ground frame, Eastriggs Ground Frame.

The line was redoubled in 2008.

The station house remains here, in use as a house.

Eastriggs MOD is now out of use.



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