Edlingham Halt

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Edlingham (1887-1925)
Edlingham Halt (1925-1930)

Opened on the Cornhill Branch (North Eastern Railway).


This was a single platform station with a passing loop. The passenger platform was on the south side with a two storey stone building typical of the line. The signal box was on the opposite (north) side of the line.

The goods yard was at the west end, approached from the platform line.

The station was reduced to a halt in 1925 and the line closed to passengers in 1930. Closure came in 1953.

The station building is now a house.

To the west of the station was the Edlingham Viaduct, which still stands, near Edlingham Castle. The small village of Edlingham is further west.

The station was on the tortuous section of line between Alnwick, to the east, and Whittingham, to the west, involving a number of tight curves, Hillend Tunnel and the crossing of the Edlingham Burn via the Edlingham Viaduct.


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