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Gailes (1893-1967)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.


This was a two platform station, opened around 1893. The station is bound up with the establishment of golf courses at Gailes. Before 1892 there was little at Gailes other than Gailes Farm.

Gailes Links club opened in 1892. The station was built by the Glasgow and South Western Railway in 1893, when it first appeared in timetables on June the 1st. It had a reasonable service by 1896. The Western Gailes Golf Club opened in 1898 beside the station. Gailes Links was to the north east and Western Gailes to the west.

The station helped members from the Glasgow area reach the clubs.

In addition to the platforms there was a signal box and waiting rooms on each platform. A level crossing was at the north end.

It was rebuilt to have an excursion platform on its east side, on a single track loop which could be reached from either direction. The platform was on the east side of this loop, with a siding off the loop at the north end. For this new loop the box was replaced. The box was at the north end, east side of the line, alongside (south of) the level crossing.

The station was to the immediate north of the clubhouse which developed at the western golf club.

The station closed in 1967 and the signal box was closed in 1972.

The line remains open, carries a regular service and is electrified. There is still a level crossing north of the former station and the Golf Club house. The crossing has been realigned to be on an oblique.

The exact date of opening has some uncertainty and sources vary. The Glasgow and South Western Railway Association ^s Register of Stations, Routes and Lines lists this as the 1st of June, 1893. The Gailes Links club had negotiated with the G&SWR for a station the year before.


Gailes Links Golf Club

Western Gailes Golf Club


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