Leith South Turntable [NB]

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Loco shed

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Leith South Turntable [NB] (1900-1962)

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The North British Railway had a locomotive servicing point and turntable at the east end of Leith South Yard not far from Seafield Junction [NB].

This turntable was installed close to where there were water columns at the east end of South Leith Goods, but on the north side of the lines. Facilities were minimal there being no locomotive shed.

Due to their lack of facilities the North British Railway approached the Caledonian Railway in 1912 to use their Seafield Shed [CR] which had opened in 1902 as part of the Leith New Lines (Caledonian Railway). At the time the North British were preparing their Lothian Lines (North British Railway) which were to add further yards in the area at South Leith Yard and further east at Meadows Yard. However little use was made and even the connection at Seafield Road Junction fell out of use. As a result the shed saw very little use.

With the Second World War the line from Meadows Yard to Seafield Road Junction was reopened and Seafield Shed [CR] finally came into full use. The nearest shed otherwise was at St Margarets Shed quite some distance off (about 3 miles by railway) and requiring a reversal to reach it. The shed finally became busy. Closure came in 1962.

The North British turntable was removed around 1962.



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