Little Gill Signal Box

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Little Gill Signal Box (-1905)

Opened on the Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway).


North of Auchenheath station, and immediately south of the Nethan Viaduct, the Little Gill mineral branch left the railway to run north (passing Auchenheath Colliery) then east (passing Auchenheath New Pit) and finally south to reach Little Gill Colliery.

From the Little Gill Colliery a railway (of tramway standard) ran south west to Auchenheath Tile Works and north east to several coal pits and an incline which dropped down to near the River Clyde at Underbank.

The portion from the junction to Little Gill Colliery was Caledonian Railway owned.

A signal box was later provided at the junction with the main line. This was located on the west side of the junction. The main line was protected by catch points and there was a loop at the start of the branch (there had been a loading are here for one of the collieries connected by a tramway).

The line closed around 1905 when the box closed. Following this the track may have remained in place until around 1914.

The formation can still be seen, although very overgrown.


Signal box junction

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