Livingston [1st]

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Livingston [1st] (1851-1948)

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Opened on the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway.


This was the original station in Livingston closed in 1948 along with other stations between Airdrie and Newbridge Junction. It was a two platform station. There was a dock at the east end of the westbound platform, the line serving this coming from a long siding on the south side of the line, approached from the west. The signal box was to the west of the station and on the south side of the line.

West of the box and station was the Deans Oil Works. This was on the north side of the railway and approached by a curving siding which ran west from the junction with the main line to turn north alongside the works. The works was also served by a tramway from mines to the north west.

The box became a ground frame in 1962 and closed in 1964, replaced with actual ground frame.

Livingston North was opened to the east in 1985.




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