Muirhouse South Junction [1st]

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Muirhouse South Junction [1st] (1879-1961)

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Opened on the Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway.


This junction was formed in 1879 when the Glasgow Central Station (Caledonian Railway) (Gordon Street lines) met the 1849 General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway close to Strathbungo Junction (just to the south).

A signal box, Muirhouse Junction, opened in 1879. This was replaced by the new Muirhouse Junction opened by Muirhouse Central Junction in 1894.

The junction was taken out in 1961 when the duplicate section of line north to Muirhouse North Junction was taken out, the signal box also being replaced by Muirhouse Power Box.

Confusingly, around the same time, Strathbungo Junction was renamed Muirhouse South Junction.