Newliston Junction

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Newliston Junction

Opened on the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway.

Opened on the Newliston Shale Mine Branch.


This was the junction for the Newliston Shale Mines. These mines were on either side of the Brox Burn. The junction was east of Drumshoreland station and west of Bathgate Junction (now Newbridge Junction).

The mineral line was on the north side of the line and ran north east. The line passed under the Almond Valley Viaduct of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway to reach the mines.

The signal box was on the south side of the line, opposite the siding. The siding was on the north side of the line, it was accessed by reversal from the eastbound line and by reversal from the westbound line (crossing the eastbound line). There was an exchange siding in the 'V' of the junction.

The box was replaced with a ground frame in 1940.