Niddrie North Junction [Lothian Lines]

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Brunstane Park Junction (1915-1926)
Niddrie North Junction [Lothian Lines] (1926-1967)

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Opened on the Lothian Lines (North British Railway).


This junction opened with the Lothian Lines (North British Railway). Here three single track lines from the south, one from Niddrie West Junction, one from Niddrie South Junction and the other from Wanton Walls Junction [1st] met. These then ran north, as a single track, to South Leith Junction.

The junction and lines were directly above Niddrie North Junction, which opened in 1884 when the Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway curve from Niddrie West Junction opened to complete the circle.

The line from Wanton Walls Junction [1st] and that from Niddrie South Junction flew over the main line alignments below to meet the Niddrie West Junction line.

To the north the line flew over the lines east of Portobello East Junction descending on a long embankment north of the goods yard to reach South Leith Junction.

The box was located in the ^V^ of the junction between the curve from Niddrie West Junction and the combined line from Niddrie South Junction and Wanton Walls Junction [1st], at the west end of the bridge by which the combined line crossed Niddrie North Junction.

The lower signal box, which was replaced in 1908, was to close in 1926 when the signal box above took over.

The Lothian Lines closed to Wanton Walls Junction [1st] and Niddrie West Junction in 1963 and completely in 1967. However the box did not close as it had taken over the lower level in 1926 - so it presided over closed lines until its closure in 1973 when taken over by Portobello Power Box.

The embankment to Niddrie West Junction has been removed. The abutments and a pier of the bridge over Niddrie North Junction, the junction of the lower lines which is still open, remain.



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