Over Dalserf Signal Box

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Dalserf Signal Box (-1903)
Over Dalserf Signal Box (1903-1940)

Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.


This signal box was on the east side of the railway controlling access to Over Dalserf Colliery.

Woodside House is to the south east and Over Dalserf Farm to the west.

The colliery was on the west side, approached from the north.

The box was initially called Dalserf, probably only very briefly, later renamed Over Dalserf in 1903.

The box became a ground frame in 1939 and closed shortly afterwards in 1940 when the railway was singled. The northbound line was lifted. The line closed in 1960.

Over Dalserf Cottages remain here, on the west side of the line.


Signal box junction colliery

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