The Ghan set to become Australia's longest passenger train [The Traveller]

Date: 04/06/2016

The Ghan, the legendary Aussie train that links Darwin to Adelaide, 1,850 miles away, is to become one of the world's longest trains. Consisting of 44 carriages and two locomotives, the train will spend nine weeks running at 1,096 metres in length “ more than 200m longer than usual.The extension will make the service Australia's longest passenger train. Elsewhere around the world, only freight trains can compete with the Ghan's 1.1km length, with the nearest recorded services being those of long-distance journeys in India that regularly measure up to 600 metres. The Ghan's summer service will include 22 guest carriages, six restaurant carriages and five lounge carriages, alongside crew, 'powervan' and luggage carriages. It will weigh 2,156 tonnes. [From Richard Buckby]

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