Rail industry promises 6,400 extra services [BBC News]

Date: 20/03/2017

Investment in the UK rail network means that 6,400 more train services will be running each week by 2021, according to industry figures. The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) said about £50bn was being spent on the network, which would result in an 11% rise in the number of weekday services. The RDG represents Network Rail, which manages the infrastructure, and the train operators. However, rail unions rejected the figures as hollow promises and PR spin. The RDG study said that rail companies were already running more than 1,350 extra trains each week compared with four years ago. The group's latest projections suggest that by 2021 there will be an increase in train frequency for London commuters and on high-speed England to Scotland routes.

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Rail industry promises 6,400 more services
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The Rail Delivery Group says the UK network will see an 11% rise in weekly services by 2021.