The end is nigh for Chilterns Bubble cars [Rail]

Date: 09/04/2017

Chiltern Railways will withdraw its two Class 121 Bubble cars on May 19. The single-car first-generation diesel multiple units were introduced in 1960, and are currently used by CR between Princes Risborough and Aylesbury. The first (121020) was bought from Network Rail in 2003, with a second (121034) joining it in 2011 from preservation. They are the last trains in daily use with vacuum brakes, but CR says that because of the increase in ongoing maintenance needs they are to be withdrawn and sold. They will be replaced by Class 165s. We will be sad to see these trains go, as they are a part of railway history and some customers even make special journeys to travel on them, said Chiltern Railways Engineering Director Matthew Prosser. [From Various contributors]

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The end is nigh for Chilterns Bubble cars


Final first generation DMUs to be withdrawn.

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Chiltern railcar 121034 waits alongside the single platform at Little Kimble in August 2016 with a Princes Risborough - Aylesbury shuttle service. [Chiltern's railcars are to be withdrawn on 19th May - see news item]
Location: Little Kimble
Company: Wycombe Railway
18/08/2016 Ian Dinmore
The scene at Chiltern Railways' Aylesbury depot on 15 August 2014 shows a contrast in operational DMU styles, with a 24 year old Class 165 Turbo unit in the company of two 54 year old Class 121 'Bubble Car' units. All are available for service with either 55020 or 55034 used on weekday peak hour Aylesbury to Princes Risborough shuttles. The diesel shunter is 01509 Lesley (RH 468043).
Location: Aylesbury
Company: Wycombe Railway
15/08/2014 Malcolm Chattwood