'No trains' at Kenilworth's new railway station 'until 2018' [BBC News]

Date: 05/12/2017

A town's fifty-year wait for a railway station continues amid a row over when trains can run through it. The county council says the site in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, is complete but has been told by the Department for Transport (DfT) that neither trains nor drivers can be supplied until February. The authority said it was 'beyond disappointing'. The government department said the council was to blame for delays.

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'No trains' for new railway station
Artist's impression of Kenilworth station

BBC News

Kenilworth's new site is ready after a 53-year wait but no trains will arrive until 2018, the council says.

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The rebuilt station at Kenilworth was due to open in December 2016 - then December 2017. Even that date may now not be met, but there is substantial visible progress. The under construction station is seen here on 2 September 2017.
Location: Kenilworth
Company: London and Birmingham Railway
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