Exclusion zone set up around Ayr station due to nearby hotel being unsafe [BBC News]

Date: 28/08/2018

An exclusion zone has been set up around Ayr station because a former hotel next to it has been deemed to be unsafe. Contractors have found crumbling in the old Station Hotel roof, which South Ayrshire Council say poses a risk. No services are running between Ayr and Girvan and there is a reduced service between Ayr and Glasgow Central. ScotRail has apologised to customers and detailed the changes on its website.

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Train delays due to station 'danger' zone
Ayr Station

BBC News

A former hotel next to Ayr station has been declared unsafe by the council due to crumbling in its roof.

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Looking across the platforms at Ayr station in July 2002. The station Hotel dominates the background.
Location: Ayr
Company: Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
12/07/2002 John Furnevel
Bits have started to fall off the neglected Station Hotel in Ayr and, as from a few days ago, the whole area is cordoned off, including the ticket office, which has become a man with a card machine at a more northerly entrance to platform 1. A portable cabin is in place as a temporary office but all the electronics have still to be installed. The neglect has gone on for years with the Council seemingly powerless to act effectively and it could soon be curtains for this famous building. Photographed on 6th July 2018.
Location: Ayr
Company: Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
06/07/2018 Colin Miller
The Station Hotel in Ayr closed in 2013 but was not put up for sale until 2017. Here it is on 10 October 2017, awaiting developments (or development).
Location: Ayr
Company: Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
10/10/2017 David Panton