Biodiversity - a view from a train [Tayside Biodiversity Festival]

Date: 29/05/2010

This year's Tayside Biodiversity Festival concluded on 29/30 May with the launch of a leaflet prepared by Catherine Lloyd of the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership encouraging travellers to watch out for the variety of wildlife to be seen from trains along the Tay Estuary, including seals, bearded tits, geese, tern wintering in the Montrose Basin and potentially in the future the enormous sea-eagle which is being reintroduced to the area. The leaflet is at and was launched by BigBuzz performer Anneliese Emmans Dean, who performed to children short poems introducing the tiny creatures that live in our gardens and handed out activity packs at stations and on trains. She was accompanied by viola player John Rayson whose haunting melodies reverberated round the stations at Perth, Carnoustie, Arbroath and Montrose to the evident enjoyment of customers. JY

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Tayside Biodiversity Festival, May 2010 - platform scene at Perth.
Location: Perth
Company: Dundee and Perth Railway
/05/2010 John Yellowlees
Tayside Biodiversity festival, May 2010 - platform scene at Carnoustie.
Location: Carnoustie
Company: Dundee and Arbroath Railway
/05/2010 John Yellowlees
Tayside Biodiversity Festival, May 2010 - on the train south of Montrose.
Location: Montrose
Company: North British, Arbroath and Montrose Railway
/05/2010 John Yellowlees