Ashborne Branch and Cromford and High Peak Railway Doubling and Deviations (London and North Western Railway)


This consisted of a connection from Buxton to the Cromford and High Peak Railway, which was improved with new alignments, and a new portion of line to extend to Ashbourne.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Buxton to Hindlow

Unfortunately strong biting winds and frequent snow showers deterred allotment holders from tending their plots adjacent to the Hindlow Branch in ...
Malcolm Chattwood 17/03/2018
Freightliner 66601 heads out of Buxton on the Hindlow branch with empties for the loading plant on 25th February 2018. I wasn't expecting a movement ...
Malcolm Chattwood 25/02/2018
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Looking south at Hindlow sidings. ...
Ewan Crawford //
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Harpur Deviation

Buxton Curve

This station is a terminus. It has two platforms and three lines - the central line being for locomotive release or stock storage. A fanlight remains at the buffer end of the station, a remaining part of the trainshed.

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Buxton Extension (Stockport, Disley and Whaley Bridge Railway)
An attractive ceramic tile map of the historic town greets passengers who alight from the train at Buxton station on 9th December 2019. It is one of ...
Malcolm Chattwood 09/12/2019
Buxton is well known for its attractive fan window (See image 63399) but this sculpture is one of a number of contributions made by Friends of Buxton ...
Malcolm Chattwood 10/03/2019
Looking back along platform 2 at Buxton towards the buffer stops on 5 January 2015. The 1229 to Manchester Piccadilly is awaiting its departure time. ...
Bruce McCartney 05/01/2015
156426 is ready to leave Buxton with the 09:22 to Manchester Piccadilly and is allowed an extra 5 minutes for the journey in the leaf fall season. ...
Malcolm Chattwood 31/10/2014
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Dowlow to Hurdlow Deviation

The last leg of the HIgh Peak and Tissington Trails runs north from the old station site at Hurdlow towards Buxton, as seen here from the foot of the ...
Mark Bartlett 24/05/2012
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Cotesfield Deviation

Parsley Hay to Ashbourne

With all other station remnants gone on the Tissington Trail the beautifully restored signalbox at Hartington is a notable survivor. The display baord ...
Mark Bartlett 24/05/2012
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Like the other old stations on the Tissington Trail Alsop-en-le-Dale has been swept away since closure in 1954 and is only a car park and trail ...
Mark Bartlett 24/05/2012
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The wooden station buildings and platforms at Tissington were swept away after closure, like all the others on the line, but the station site is now a ...
Mark Bartlett 23/05/2012
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Evocative names these old stations on the Tissington Trail. Parsley Hay, Alsop-en-le-Dale and here is Thorpe Cloud, first station out of ...
Mark Bartlett 23/05/2012
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