Gartness Malleable Iron Works


  /  /1840Gartness Malleable Iron Works
  /  /1845Gartness Malleable Iron Works
Taken over by Monkland Iron and Steel Company.
  /  /1881Airdrie Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Authorisation for the Airdrie Branch granted - a group of lines called the Lanarkshire Lines. The Airdrie Branch was to run via Whifflet Upper on the Rutherglen and Coatbridge Branch (Caledonian Railway) to Airdrie [CR]. The 'Loop' or 'Lanarkshire Lines' were to run from Airdrie [CR] to Newhouse and beyond, making connection with the existing mineral lines, Salsburgh Branch (Caledonian Railway), near Omoa. Branches to Chapelhall Iron Works, Calderbank Iron Works and Gartness, serving the Gartness Malleable Iron Works, also authorised.