John G Stein


  /11/1887John G Stein
Starts a mine for fireclay at Milnquarter Mine.
  /  /1888John G Stein
Milnquarter Mine and Milnquarter Brick Works opened near Bonnybridge by John G Stein in competition with Glenboig Brick Works from which he had been sacked after asking for a wage rise.
  /  /1890John G Stein
Introduces machine for making bricks
  /  /1896John G Stein
Opens new brickworks in Denny using William Baird and Company's Anchor ironstone pits bing.
  /  /1904John G Stein
Opens new brickworks at Castlecary to use higher alumina content, than Bonnybridge, found there. Built by the Caledonian Railway and the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.
  /  /1927John G Stein
Dies after an injury after tripping over a brick while inspecting Castlecary works.
  /  /1928John G Stein
New Manuel brickworks opened.
  /  /1930John G Stein
Opens new brickworks at Manuel to use higher alumina content than Castlecary found there.