Robert Napier


  /  /1813Benjamin Conner
Born, worked with Robert Napier and the Caledonian Railway as the locomotive superintendent.
  /  /1815Robert Napier
Starts own business.
  /  /1821David Elder
Joins Robert Napier as manager of his works.
  /  /1821Robert Napier
Takes over Camlachie works.
  /  /1836Robert Napier
Takes over Lancefield Quay works.
  /  /1838Robert Napier
Receives order to build engines for the Royal Navy.
  /  /1839Robert Napier Samuel Cunard
Cunard places orders for the engines to his ships with Napier.
  /  /1841Robert Napier
Buys land in Govan for iron shipyard.
  /  /1848Robert Napier
Buys the Parkhead Forge for his sons James R. Napier and John Napier.
  /  /1848John Elder
Son of David Elder, joins Robert Napier as draughtsman and invents the Compound Steam Engine.
  /  /1859Robert Napier
Gains sole control of the Parkhead Forge from his sons.
  /  /1862Robert Napier
Builds PS Scotia for Cunard, their last Paddle Steamer.
  /  /1876Robert Napier
  /  /1876Alexander C Kirk
Takes over Robert Napier's business.
  /  /1899William Beardmore (Junior)
Buys the goodwill of Robert Napier & Sons. Takes over the shipyard in Govan.