Jerviston Junction [1st]

A view taken from the bing a short distance down the out of use branch from Jerviston Junction (New) to the former BSC Ravenscraig Number 3 Sidings. The works were on the skyline above the track and have been completely demolished as have the BSC Clydesdale works which were out of shot to the left. (Photograph taken to compare with that in RAIL 590 page 70 by C P Whitbread - although the view here continues to the right to show the still standing Dalzell Steelworks. Due to tree growth the angle is not quite the same and the railings on the bridge have been removed!)

The location is interesting as the bridge betrays that this was the site of a junction - the left side is a girder and the right masonary. The route to Ravenscraig is the newer one (originally slightly different alignment of junction serving Cleekhimin Colliery then closed then re-aligned and re-opened as an approach to Dalzell and Lanarkshire steelworks) and the lifted line which ran to the right was the original Wishaw and Coltness Railway alignment running south to Motherwell and beyond over a large and now demolished viaduct.

Location: Jerviston Junction [1st]

Company: Wishaw and Coltness Railway

Photographer: Ewan Crawford

Contact photographer: Ewan Crawford

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Date: 10/05/2008

Image number: 19101