Ardeer Platform

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Ardeer Platform (1926-1966)

Opened on the Ardeer (Misk) Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was a single platform workers station. It had a long single platform with a covering over the southern (terminal) end of the platform.

It was built on the cut back original line into the works, a new yard and approach being built to the north east.

This branch into Ardeer dated from 1887 and was built by the Glasgow and South Western Railway. In 1888 the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway opened, with a curve connecting onto the Ardeer branch - this had a somewhat awkward connection from that company's Ardeer Ironworks branch, not a direct connection.

Originally Ardeer Works Platform or Ardeer (Works) Platform. The Glasgow and South Western Railway Association notes that the platform was opened by the LMS before 07/1926, but the earlier date of 1896 is also noted. Closure came in 1966.

Just to the north the branch divided into two groups of goods sidings alongside each other. The passenger line and goods lines met to the north at Misk Signal Box which closed in 1965.


Nobel Prize - Alfred Nobel in Scotland


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